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timr is a Software as a Service Time and Mileage Tracking Solution which consists of a web application as well as mobile clients for BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. timr combines a punch clock, project time and mileage tracker in one single application.

With the seamless integration of the timr Apps, a user no longer has to worry about where to track it’s time. In the office, it might be easier to track the time using the timr web application while on the go it’s much faster to use the timr App on the phone.

Because of timr, you no longer forget to track any minute of your daily work which means that you can bill your customers more without having to work more. Time tracking becomes so easy that it only needs a fraction of the time that you’re usually spending to track your work. Therefore, timr boosts your productivity. As a company you greatly benefit because your project efforts are always up to date without having to ask all employees to finish their time sheets till the end of the month.